Church Leadership

How the Church Runs

Golden Bay Baptist Church is pastored by Nicholas van Oudtshoorn, together with a team of elders and deacons. The deacons are tasked by the church congregation to manage the church, and to make decisions on behalf of the church body. The elders are tasked with the spiritual oversight of those in the church.

Leadership Team

Nicholas van Oudtshoorn 9537 3197 or Mobile 0424 284 777
Mark McGillivary 9527 3910
Pamela Hedges 9524 7626
Steve Moore 9535 7771
Peter Meyering 042 168 3468
Viv Moore 9535 7771
Nadene McGillivray 9527 3910

Pamela Hedges

Pam has been a member of the Golden Bay Church for several years now. She’s an incredibly warm-hearted, God-loving lady who has a gift of caring for those in the church.

Mark McGillivray

Mark has been attending Golden Bay Baptist for several years, and has been an elder for a number of years now. As well as serving as an elder, Mark heads up the men’s ministries at Golden Bay Baptist Church. Outside of his church commitments, Mark is a property surveyor. He is married with two children.

Steve Moore

Steve has been an elder for several years now. As well as his elder responsibilities, Steve heads up the church’s men’s shed. During his working days, Steve works for the Water Corporation. He’s married with adult children.