Posts from May 2013

Posts from May 2013

The Person of Jesus

Who is Jesus? What is his relation to God the Father? To God the Holy Spirit? How can we have a relationship with him today. This mini-series explores the person and work of Jesus the Christ. [sermons series=44 filter=hide]


Habakkuk is one of those short, sharp-seeming books of the Old Testament. A prophet driven to desperate prayer because of the state of his nation. God’s awesome and shattering answer. And one of the most breathtaking promises from our God: the righteous one will live by faith! [sermons series=42 filter=hide]

Tough Topics 2013

In this short semi-annual series, we explore some of the difficult topics that us Christians often just try to ignore. This time round, we’re looking at: angels and demons  – what are they, how important are they, and what does it all mean for our everyday lives hell – is it real? How could a good God send people to such a horrible place? Is it a way of frightening us into Christianity? What should Christians today do with this…