2020 Christmas Carols

The 2020 Christmas carols are on again! This year, we’re moving from the Golden Bay foreshore to the Singleton Primary school oval. We’ll have a bigger space (more room for our 2m2!) for everyone to settle in for a fantastic summer evening together. Starting at 6pm, there’ll be a variety of food trucks on site. Bring a picnic rug, and secure your spot on the oval! The carols proper will start at 7pm. Come back to this page on the…

Virtual Church

Greetings church family! A reminder that our service this morning will be virtual due to the new government regulations. Fortunately, we can still gather together from our own homes to worship God! Our virtual service will start at 9:30; you can join early o hang out, though! If you are on a computer, smartphone or tablet, simply click the following link: Note: if you are on a tablet/smartphone, you might have to install the zoom app first, and the…

2019 Golden Bay Carols – Lyrics

Welcome! As your local churches, we’re excited to be presenting the Golden Bay Carols this year. Christmas is a special time of the year for us, as we remember God stepping into our messy world to rescue us. He experienced the pains and joys of life, just like us. But He came to announce that His Kingdom was near, and to invite us to be a part of it. Just imagine it: life forever with the God who loves us.…

Golden Bay Carols 2018 – Lyrics

Welcome to the Golden Bay Carols for 2018 It’s on again! The Comet Bay Carols are back again this year on the Golden Bay foreshore. All are welcome! From 6pm to 7pm there’ll be food vans and games for the kids to play. Bring a picnic, or grab something from one of the food providers on the evening. Then, at 7pm, we’ll start the carol singing. It’s great to have you with us this evening as we celebrate Christmas. On…

The Person of Jesus

Who is Jesus? What is his relation to God the Father? To God the Holy Spirit? How can we have a relationship with him today. This mini-series explores the person and work of Jesus the Christ. [sermons series=44 filter=hide]


Habakkuk is one of those short, sharp-seeming books of the Old Testament. A prophet driven to desperate prayer because of the state of his nation. God’s awesome and shattering answer. And one of the most breathtaking promises from our God: the righteous one will live by faith! [sermons series=42 filter=hide]

Tough Topics 2013

In this short semi-annual series, we explore some of the difficult topics that us Christians often just try to ignore. This time round, we’re looking at: angels and demons  – what are they, how important are they, and what does it all mean for our everyday lives hell – is it real? How could a good God send people to such a horrible place? Is it a way of frightening us into Christianity? What should Christians today do with this…

Knowing God

In this series, we explore our theology. Who is God? How can I know that he is real? What’s the deal with the Trinity? How does God teach us about community? [sermons series=35 filter=hide]

Ezekiel – Messenger of God

In this series, we make a start on the book of Ezekiel. An often thoroughly confusing text, Ezekiel is one of those Bible books we sometimes avoid. But what does Ezekiel have to say from God to us today? [sermons series=30 filter=hide]

Easter 2012

Can a story about public execution really be a good news story? Join us, as we see why Easter really is all about good news

1 Peter

In this series, we consider Peter’s first letter to the churches in Asia-Minor. What does a letter concerning suffering has to do with the church in Australia today?

Salty Christianity

In this sermon from guest speaker Jason Ramsay, we consider Jesus’ message on the mount. What does it mean for us to be salt and light – and how does that work out in practice?


In this short series, we consider the biblical discipline of fasting. What’s it all about? When do people fast? Is it something a Christian should ever considering doing? In conjunction with this series, we’re holding a week long fast from 23-30 October 2011.

The Letter to the Romans

What is the gospel all about? What does it mean for me – and how does it change my life? How is it possible for someone like me to please God? In this series, we’ll be following Paul’s letter to the Romans as he outlines the fundamentals of the Christian faith.

Christianity 101

Is there any hope? Why would God need to save me? Why would God want to save me? Am I really his child? You’re invited to join us during the month of June as we explore the basics of the Christian faith – and see how Jesus really is the Good News for us in every part of our lives.


What is worship? How do we approach the living God? Are there some things which we cannot bring to God. Over three weeks, we’ll be exploring how the Psalms speak out of and into our lives – no matter what situations we find ourselves in.


Peace! The good news is that in Jesus, we have been given the peace of God himself. No longer is there enmity between us and God – God has done away with it on the cross. But what does that peace mean in our everyday lives? How does the peace of God in us find expression in our relationships with other people? From 25 July 2010 we’ll be exploring the Biblical message and mandate of Peace, and seeking to become…

The Wise Life

What does it mean to live life wisely? What is “the wise life”. From 13 June 2010 to 11 July 2010, we’ll be looking to see what God considers to be wise living.

In Christ

From 11 April 2010 to 6 June 2010, we’ll be working our way through Paul’s letter to the church in Colosse. Throughout this short letter, Paul reminds us time and time again of what a brilliant blessing we have as Christians: we are in Christ. Each week, we’ll explore exactly what that means.