How to subscribe to the church calendar

How to subscribe to the church calendar

Interested in keeping up with what’s happening at Golden Bay Baptist Church? You could, of course, keep checking the website. Or, if you’ve got a calendar application, you could subscribe to our calendar.

The first thing to do is to copy this link:

You can then subscribe using that link in your calendar application.

If you use google calendar:

Click the arrow next to “Other calendars” and click “Add by URL”, as below:


Paste the link from above in and press “Add Calendar”!

If you use an Android device:

On your computer, go to your google calendar and follow the steps outlined above.

If you use Microsoft Outlook 2007:

Go to Tools->Account Settings and switch to the “Internet Calendars” tab.
Click the “New” button. Paste the link above into the dialogue box. You’re subscribed!

If you use an iPhone/iPad:

Click on the link above from your phone’s web browser.



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