Sermons on Faith

Sermons on Faith

Science vs Christianity?

This weekend, we’re doing a one-off sermon looking at whether we Christians are forced to choose between science and Christianity. There are those in society who would have us believe that any choice other than science would be absurd. Science, after all, explains things. And science works. We don’t, we’re told, need to make up stories to explain things any more. We’re told that faith is a crutch for those who don’t know any better – or who refuse to…


Today’s passage: Hebrews 11:1-12:4 This weekend, we’re continuing our series looking at some of the most important – and often misunderstood – words describing the life of one following Jesus. Last week, we grappled with the concept of grace, discovering how essential it is. Grace is God’s giving of Himself to us – even though we don’t deserve Him. This weekend, we’re considering what exactly faith means. It might seem strange for me to include the word faith in a…

Running the Race

The problem is that we’re all caught in a spiral of sin. Even today, sin still traps and ensares. But God is merciful – he has saved me. And he works to bring me to repentance. Sometimes when I am from God, I feel as though he had abandoned me. But he does not. God is faithful. By his grace, he reminds us of this. But he does challenge me to put off the sin which so easily entangles, so…

The Mighty Hand of God

An expected enemy, an unexpected judge, an unexpected leader and an unexpected act of deliverance. The story of Deborah, Barak and Jael shows us that what we need most is the mighty hand of God to be at work in our deliverance.

An unexpected Salvation

An unexpected man from a small tribe gets close to a tyrant, stabs him through and then escapes through the toilet. What does the story of Ehud, the second of Israel’s recorded judges, teach us about ourselves – and about how God brings salvation?