Virtual Church

Virtual Church

Greetings church family!

A reminder that our service this morning will be virtual due to the new government regulations. Fortunately, we can still gather together from our own homes to worship God!

Our virtual service will start at 9:30; you can join early o hang out, though!

If you are on a computer, smartphone or tablet, simply click the following link:
Note: if you are on a tablet/smartphone, you might have to install the zoom app first, and the enter the meeting id: 692 582 802

If you want to phone in to church (using your normal phone), you simply call 08 7150 1149 and, when asked, enter the meeting id: 692 582 802

If you have any troubles with the technology, phoning in is a great option!

Looking forward to seeing you soon!
God bless,
Nick (0424284777)

PS: If you have kids, check out for some great resources!


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