Groaning and Glory

Groaning and Glory

Sermon Questions

  • What does it mean to share in Jesus’ sufferings? Why do we gladly suffer?
  • What is glory? How is it linked to suffering?
Groaning and Glory #1: Creation
  • What is wrong with the universe?
  • What does creation long for? Why?
  • Why is it that creation groans?
  • How does the state of creation speak to the human experience without God?
  • What is it that brings meaning and purpose to both creation and people?
Groaning and Glory #2: Christians
  • What do Christians recognise about the world that non-Christians can’t?
  • Why is it that Christians groan?
  • What keeps us going even though we endure and suffer?
  • Explain the concept of eager patience.
Groaning and Glory #3: God!
  • Why does the Spirit groan?
  • How does the Spirit intercede for us?
  • What is the will of God?
  • What 5 vital reminders does 8:28 give to us this side of eternity?
  • How is God’s love described in 8:29?
  • What has gone chosen us for (29)
  • Explore how God’s sovereignty and human responsibility are related.
  • Theological argument aside: why does Paul write 26-30.
    Bringing it home
  • What have I learnt about God?
  • What have I learnt about myself/my world?
  • What difference will this make in my life?


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