Jesus’ Rules, Not ours

Jesus’ Rules, Not ours

Why is it that Jesus would eat with the “scum” of the earth? By refusing to play by the rules of status, Jesus shows us the heart of God – and highlights our own sinfulness.

Why didn’t Jesus encourage his disciples to fast? By refusing to play by the rules of religion, Jesus shows us that what matters is not religious observance but relationship with him. He also shows us that dried-out legalism is like an old garment which will tear: his new kingdom comes with new expectations.

Why did Jesus allow his disciples to “work” on the Sabbath? By refusing to play by the religious rules, Jesus reminds us that as the “Son of Man” he is the Lord over everything – even over the Sabbath. It is even shown in the Scriptures that the law was made to meet the needs of the people – and not the other way round. The law was made for us; we weren’t made for the law.


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