The Fall

The Fall

Today’s passage: Genesis 3

Have you ever had a sneaking suspicion that you were being hard done by? It hurts when when we are being slighted. But it can also be a problem when we act on an assumption of unfairness that turns out to not be true.

In the British sitcom “The IT Crowd,” there’s an episode where one of the main characters becomes convinced that she is being slighted. As the manager of the IT department, she was meant to attend management meetings. And yet the other managers were attending weekly meetings without her – and they were wearing bath-robes to these meetings! She becomes convinced that those who attended these meetings were all getting special treatment – perhaps having massages. Completely jealous, she puts a bathrobe over her business suit and sneaks in one week – only to find that she had just become part of an exercise group!

Genesis 1-2, we saw last week, shows us something of God’s heart for us. Creation was made to be “good” – it was meant to be a place where God’s will was done, and where we, humanity, could live with God and be His representatives. The Bible starts by telling us that the way the world is at the moment is not the way it is meant to be.

How does it come about that people who had a personal relationship with God would choose to do the one thing He had told them not to? Why do we do wrong things? What makes temptation so tempting for us? Genesis 3 starts to answer these questions for us.

Genesis 3 tells us about ourselves – but it also continues to tell us about our Father God. We’re introduced to sin and it’s consequences. But we are also reminded of a God who continues to be faithful and gracious. Genesis 3 tells of a terrible calamity – but also of a God whose love, although scorned, cannot be broken.


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