Thoughts on: Romans 5

Thoughts on: Romans 5

In Romans 4, Paul has reminded us that our salvation is not based on anything that we do, but rather on trust (nearly always synonymous for faith). It is by faith that we are placed in a position where we are right in God’s sight. And the implications of being right in God’s sight are staggering.

Being right in God’s sight means that we have peace with God because of what Jesus Christ our Lord has done for us. The enmity between me and God has been undone – but more wonderfully it has been replaced with friendship with God (Rom 5:11)! And more: we confidently and joyfully look forward to sharing his glory! From enemies to friends who will share in God’s glory – Jesus has brought us to this totally undeserved place of privilege because of our faith.

And if we recognise this truth, then everything else falls into perspective. Problems and trials? They develop our character in the direction of greater trust. Why? Because we know how very much God loves us. He endured the greatest of trials – death on the cross. He saved us from God’s condemnation, making us God’s friends, while we were still his enemies. If he did that in his death… surely his life will mean our salvation!

Why can we be sure of this? Because the gift of God is stronger far than sin has every been!

In the second half of Romans 5, Paul contrasts the first sinner and the sinless one. With Adam’s sin – death took up its throne. Everyone dies because everyone sins; God’s perfect holiness cannot overlook anything that isn’t perfectly good. Sin’s tarnishing power casts all of us away from God. BUT sin is not the end of the story! Powerful as sin is, God’s gracious gift is even more powerful. Sin brings condemnation? Yes – but the gift of God brings righteousness! Sin rules over all, bringing death? Yes – but those who receive the gift of God will live in triumph over sin and death through Jesus Christ!

Sin condemns us all to death? Yes – but by his one act of righteousness Christ has brought us into a right relationship with God, and brings new life for everyone! (Oh, that everyone would accept it!)

As powerful as sin is – it can never overpower the grace of God: Never! Sin is a powerful ruler, but when God’s grace comes it rules instead – and we are right with God and will be with him forever.

What an implication for trusting in Jesus! New life as God’s friend with him forever!!!!


Thank you Jesus. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Help me to keep trusting you. When trials come, build my character. Thank you for proving your love for me. Thank you that you are stronger by far than sin. Thank you that nothing can separate me from your Love, Father, in Christ Jesus!


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